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Leverage ecommerce marketing to drive sales and growth for online business with Best Ecommerce Marketing Agency in Dubai, UAE. Drive traffic to promote and sell products using ecommerce marketing channels include SEO, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, email marketing, social media marketing, and influencer marketing.

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What is Ecommerce Marketing?

Ecommerce marketing is the process of driving consumers towards the buying of online products on retails online stores. Various online marketing techniques are used to drive consumers towards online store and guide consumers through their buying journey. So that online store visitors can be converted in to the happy buyers. 

Why online business need Ecommerce Marketing?

Every online shopping store need ecommerce marketing to drive more traffic, convert those prospects in the buyers also retain them as well. Ecommerce marketing has been integral part of any ecommerce store to help businesses to convert more visitors in buyers and also help buyers to guide through their buying journey starting from searching a product or service to complete their shopping. Ecommerce marketing also help online businesses to retain customers and maintain loyalty.

Online store owners can leverage digital marketing tools such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), Search Engine Marketing (SMM) or Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing, Email Marketing, Chatbot to achieve their online marketing goals and objectives.

How we make ecommerce marketing strategy for your ecommerce store?

In order to leverage the digital marketing process we understand the nature of your products/services. Some digital marketing tools are good for drawing the new customers and direct more traffic to your online store, while others can be good for encouraging sales or retain existing customer loyal. We at Think Big Digital Solutions figure out the marketing strategy, best fits for your online store.

We usually help our customers with following Ecommerce marketing strategy:

1. Mobile Friendly Website
2. Easy Checkout Process
3. Email Marketing Campaign
4. Social Media Marketing
5. Referral Marketing
6. Influencer Marketing
7. Search Engine Marketing / PPC
8. Target on Returning Customers 

Mobile Friendly Website

As we all know online shopping has been the trend and it gives lots of ease and save time for online customers. We all love to buy on the go. It is anticipated 53.9% of the all eCommerce transaction will take place through mobile device. Therefore it is very important for any eCommerce website to be mobile optimized, which can be fit-in all sizes of mobile devices.

There is nothing more discouraging than an online buyer not to able browse a product online properly. Also the advantage of mobile optimized website is that Google give higher ranking to the website those are well optimized for mobile devices. Your site should load fast to reduce bounce back rate that will result in lower your ranking on Search Engines.

Easy Checkout Process

Study shows that most of the Shopping Cart are abandoned before sales due to difficult Checkout Process, therefore it is important to make checkout process as user-friendly as possible. Ecommerce website should not compel online customers to make a registration/signup to buy products. Instead it should be more wise to allow direct checkout.

Showing stages in the buyers journey keep online customers engage and encourage online customers to complete their purchase. So any good eCommerce website design must have progress bar showing the steps until the shopping is completed.

It has been seen that many online buyers were not able to complete their shopping due to lack of payment options. A good ecommerce website must have multiple payment options that gives more options to make payment at ease. Ideally a professional ecommerce website should be offering more than four payment options as some ecommerce shoppers are uncomfortable with giving their credit/debit cards details on the website, they should be given options such as paying app, online banking and payment gateways.

Email Marketing

Emails are the great way to get personalize with your existing customers. Maximize your email marketing campaign to greet, update and encourage your customers in more peroneal way so that they stay loyal with your brand.

  • Sending welcome email messages to newly sign customer can encourage them to buy your products, offer the benefits they can get shopping products from your online store.
  • A Thank you email after purchase is ideal way to promote offers.
  • An Birthday email with a gift or offer can make day for your loyal customers and encourage them to buy more products from your online store. An Birthday email will also give very personal touch to your existing customers.
  • Promotional Emails and Free Gift can boost your sell and encourage online customers to buy more products of their interest.
  • Abandoned shopping cart email can show your customer what they are missing, if they buy from your store with some discount coupon or offers.

Social Media Marketing

As Facebook and Instagram are great social media platform offering features to sell products online, Payment process for Facebook and Instagram is also very user friendly that give great experience to online buyer. Use the advantage of tagging feature of Instagram and Facebook to promote products organically that will help to draw more customers. Utilize shopping features of Instagram and Facebook to boost sales and target audience that may be missed out through other digital marketing channel.

Referral Marketing

Referral Marketing is always more effective and promising way of selling products. As consumers trust more on existing customers buying experience and quality of products and service rather than company written content. Publish contents of your existing users to build more trust in your products and services. Post your customers reviews on website this will encourage new online shoppers to buy your product more easily.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has big impact in digital marketing as influencer are publishing their post on Yahoo, Instagram and Facebook, people are more likely to buy product promoted by their favorite influencer than normal advertisement. Influencer marketing seems to be more expensive but micro-influencer are usually affordable for small businesses.

Micro-influencer's are usually ready to promote your products for small fees or free products from your business. A micro-influencer could be very useful in generating leads for your business.



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